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       International Oilfield Inspection Services

Company Introduction

INOIS offers a full range of  Non-Destructive Inspection & Testing Services on a permanent or call-out basis that are designed to identify the integrity critical plant inspection and component testing services to a wide range of clients across most sectors of industry. As an independent service provider we are committed to working with clients and using the best available solutions to improve component quality and asset integrity in a cost effective fashion.  Our fully trained and certified technicians utilise advanced technology and proven methodologies to obtain quick and accurate information about the performance of clients materials, parts and/or structures.

INOIS offers application of latest technology and has the expertise to execute and complete various projects for our client TOTAL & NEXEN.

INOIS has carried out NDT on Inspection and testing Jobs onshore installations, tanks; cross country pipelines, fabrication Units Oil Field Constructions and Rig part inspection.

Field NDT (non destructive testing)

Non-Destructive Testing methods are available on a call-out basis or for long-term projects for construction, manufacturing or fabrication process. INOIS NDT (Non Destructive Testing) field services work to optimize and assure the quality of your finished product.




INOIS Visual Inspection is to assess ongoing equipment reliability. Visual Inspection serves as a quality control and quality assurance function during fabrication job of new equipments. Employing a multi-national skilled workforce and state-of-the-art inspection equipment, INOIS offers both in-process and final visual inspection services, to meet both project specification and code requirements.



INOIS Radiography (x -ray) and gamma ray non destructive testing technology is efficient, reliable and to use best method for identification of surface and subsurface discontinuities.



Used in thickness, corrosion inspection and examination of full penetration groove welds, ultrasonic is a highly accurate detection method that proves to be extremely efficient in the field location due to the portability of the equipment and the ability to evaluate and record results at the time of inspection.



One of the most sensitive means of detecting surface or near surface defects in Ferro magnetic material. Used to inspect plate edges prior to welding, in process inspection of each weld pass or layer, postweld evaluation and to inspect repairs.


Liquid (dye) penetrates remain one of most reliable, efficient and cost effective methods for detecting flaws in the ferrous and nonferrous materials. 


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